Winter 2016 Emmy Noether distinction presented to Patricia Bassereau

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On 20th March, the Winter 2016 Emmy Noether distinction was presented to Dr. Patricia Bassereau (Institute Curie of the CNRS in Paris, France), by the EPS Equal Opportunity Committee (EOC) Chair, on behalf of the EPS President.

The ceremony took place during the Winter School on “Biology at different scales” in Les Houches, France, in the breathtaking shadow of Mont Blanc, and followed a very well attended lecture presented by the winner on physical methods to measure the response of bio membrane to mechanical stretch.

Since 1951, the renowned ”École de Physique des Houches” welcomes scientists from all over the world and the winner, at the beginning of her career, participated in her first conference right in Les Houches.

The celebration of the event was organised by Prof. Eva Pebay-Peyroula, one of the organisers of the Winter School.

More info about the EPS Emmy Noether Disctinctions can be found at

Lucia Di Ciaccio and Patricia Bassereau
Lucia Di Ciaccio and Patricia Bassereau

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