EPS Executive Committee and Staff activities February 2017

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1-4 February 2017: Christophe Rossel, EPS president and David Lee, EPS secretary general, attended the EPS Executive Committee Meeting in Bucharest (RO). Luc Bergé, member of the EPS Executive Committee, proposed a new strategy for the EPS Associate Membership policy and commented on related documents. A meeting with selected EPS Member Societies from Central and Eastern European Countries was also organised with the EPS Committee of European Integration.

2 February 2017: Victor Zamfir, director of ELI/NP and member of the EPS Executive Committee, organised a visit of the site located in Magurele (RO).

9 February 2017: David Lee met with Walter van Doninck, the EPS Coordinator in Brussels (BE)

10 February 2017: David Lee, Xavier De Araujo, graphic designer, and Gina Gunaratnam, communication coordinator, attended the EPN board meeting in Paris, France.

24 February 2017: Luc Bergé met David Lee to discuss the new strategy for EPS Associate Membership.

24 February 2017: David Lee and Patricia Helfenstein, manager of the EPS conference department, attended the CLEO®/Europe-EQEC Steering Committee Meeting chaired by Luc Bergé, and the World of Photonics Congress Steering Committee Meeting in Munich, Germany.

25 February 2017: Patricia Helfenstein, Ahmed Ouarab, IT manager, Ophélia Fornari and Soria Amri, assistants at the EPS conference department, attended the CLEO®/Europe-EQEC 2017 Technical Programme Committee Meeting in Munich, Germany.

26 February 2017: Patricia Helfenstein, Ophélia Fornari, Soria Amri and Ahmed Ouarab attended the CLEO®/Europe-EQEC 2017 Session Meeting in Munich.

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