EPS Executive Committee and Staff activities January 2017

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4 – 7 January 2017: Patricia Helfenstein, Ophélia Fornari and Ahmed Ouarab attendend the 6th International Conference on Nanophotonics and Metamaterials in Seefeld, Austria.

13 January 2017: David Lee and Ophélia Fornari attended the EPS Conference Committee meeting in Paris, France.

15 – 18 January 2017: Patricia Helfenstein and Soria Amri attended the 1st Biology for Physics Conference: Is there new Physics in Living Matter? in Barcelona, Spain.

20 January 2017: Christoph Rossel EPS President, Rüdiger Voss EPS President Elect and David Lee EPS Secretary General met in Mulhouse, France.

23 January 2017: David Lee met with Gerd Leuchs, EPS Honorary Treasurer in Erlangen, Germany.

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