Rüdiger Voss is the next EPS President-elect

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The European Physical Society [EPS] is pleased to announce that Rüdiger Voss has been elected as the next EPS President-elect. He will take up office as the President of EPS in April 2017, when the term of the current President, Christophe Rossel comes to an end.

R. Voss was elected during the Extraordinary Council meeting of the EPS held on 14 October 2016 at the EPS Secretariat in Mulhouse. It is noteworthy that Council delegates could participate either in person, or on-line through the video conferencing system. The EPS welcomed 25 delegates in person and a further 23 attended over the internet.

The Council delegates listened to three inspiring presentations from the three candidates. The EPS would like to express its heartfelt thanks to Zsolt Fülöp (HU) and Sydney Galès (FR) who also stood as candidates for President-elect. Their contributions to the EPS and their vision were impressive as well.

R. Voss has recently served as Head of International Relations at CERN. In addition to a successful scientific career at CERN, R. Voss was instrumental in setting up the SCOAP3 Open Access consortium.

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