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Another Newsletter is about to be circulated. The content will be posted on the Newsletter webpage as soon as the mailshot is released. If you wish to receive future Newsletters please sign up on the webpage.

A special session was held at the recent EPS Condensed Matter division conference in Groningen to celebrate EPL’s 30th anniversary. The programme included 3 excellent and entertaining presentations (by Tanja Schilling, Daniel Bonn and Fernando Luis) followed by a drink/snack reception. The session was attending by a large number of conference participants. 

EPL provided the prize for the Best Activity Award at the EPS Young Minds meeting in Budapest in July to the Naples PONYS group for  activities carried out in the field of outreach, professional development and networking.

Promotional material and recent print journals will be available on many exhibition stands throughout 2017 – see the Events Calendar for a preliminary list of conferences in 2017.

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Physicists, college and high school physics teachers, physics students, as well as research and development personnel in industry, are invited to participate in the 39th Annual National Physics Seminar- Workshop/Convention with the theme “Physics, Urbanization and Inclusive Growth” to be held on April 5 – 8, 2017 at the University of San Carlos (USC), Talamban, Cebu City.