Croatian Physical Society summer school for young physicists

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This year, the 31st summer school for young physicists was held from 20-26 June 2016 in Veli Losinj, Croatia. The school was attended by 31 students who were all competitors in state and international physics competitions, tournaments and Olympiads.

Since the school is now already traditionally organised in cooperation with the Ambroz Haracic high school in Mali Losinj and hotel Punta in Veli Losinj, this year’s edition was aptly named “Od Malog od Velog”. In Croatian, this translates as “From small to large”, but also includes the names of the places where the school is held. In accordance with the school name, the lectures given to students covered all areas of physics – from nanoscale physics to astrophysics. The lecturers giving the talks were scientists and teachers from several Croatian faculties and high schools.

The main organiser of the current edition of the school was Nikola Poljak, AP, from the University of Zagreb, who was helped by the members of the organising committee – professors Divko Hadziev and Davor Bralic from Mali Losinj high school and Tena Dubcek from the physics department of the Faculty of science. The school was partially sponsored by several institutes, societies (including the European Physical Society and the Croatian academy of science and arts), schools and local government bodies.

The school was enriched by the astronomical society “Leo Brenner”, which organised a small picnic under the stars, which was used to observe the planets during the evening. The famous museum of the Apoksiomen from Mali Losinj sponsored the event by providing free entrance to all the participants. All the students were sleeping in the Veli Losinj youth hostel where they attended afternoon workshops organised by physics students. 

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