Gazeta de Física: a year to celebrate

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Gazeta de Física, the quarterly magazine of the Portuguese Physical Society, celebrates its 70th anniversary this October. Published for the first time in 1946, it is one of the longest-running publications aimed at scientific dissemination in Portuguese.

Gazeta de Física
Gazeta de Física

Gazeta de Física publishes peer-reviewed articles, interviews, comments and news aimed at a general audience, mostly composed of secondary school and university students and teachers. The latest issue was dedicated to the celebrations of the International Year of Light, featuring 100 pages of invited and submitted contributions from scientists, engineers, artists, historians, teachers and other leading professionals.

The magazine can be read online for free (except the latest two issues) at its website:

The Facebook page of the magazine ( has an impressive reach of more the 36,000 followers, mostly from Portuguese-speaking countries and communities in Europe, Africa and the Americas.

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