5th EPS Young Minds Leadership Meeting: news and impressions

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The 5th Young Minds Leadership Meeting (15-16 July 2016) and the 13th Young Minds Action Committee Meeting (14 July 2016) took place in Budapest, hosted by ELTE – the Eotvos Lorand University. It was a three-day marathon, full of exciting events, talks, bright ideas and important news.

First of all, we are proud to announce that we have a new chair of the EPS Young Minds project. After three years of hard work and brilliant results Antigone Marino ended her term as YM chair and the committee elected Eva Salvador Balaguer during the Action Committee Meeting.

We want to launch the official EPS Young Minds Facebook page (, which will be the perfect platform to share and advertise each section’s activities. We encourage sections to have their own Facebook pages and other social network profiles as well.

After the Action Committee Meeting, the Leadership Meeting started on July 15th with the talk of Professor Imre Janosi (ELTE). We had two other invited speakers, Dr. István Rajta (Debrecen), and Dr. Csaba Böde (Morgan Stanley). Of course section presentations and posters were the central part of the meeting, and as a new activity this year we introduced short scientific talks modelled on the FameLab contest. The meeting culminated in the Best Activity Award assigned to the PONYS Naples Section and the best scientific talk given to Araceli Venegas, from SCOPE (Glasgow).

5th EPS Young Minds Leadership Meeting
5th EPS Young Minds Leadership Meeting

We asked the winners of the award, Giancarlo and Giorgio, the representatives of Naples section, their personal opinion on the meeting. The first one to speak was Giorgio:

“This meeting came at the end of my year as Section president, and it was undoubtedly the greatest conclusion of this path: I realised how these activities can be continued after graduation in order to keep on being stimulated and focused along my physics-related studies.”

Then, it was Giancarlo’s turn, who was excited to attend his at his first international meeting:

“This was a great opportunity to share and compare my outreach know-how with other people that have my same motivations but come from different backgrounds. It was challenging for me to make new friends speaking in English, but it was worth the effort: at the end of the meeting I feel like I am part of an enlarged community that shares common interests”

Their words make us feel that we are going in the right direction: building a network of young scientist that goes beyond national borders.

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