EPS Executive & Staff activity for July 2016

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14 July 2016: Ophélia Fornari, assistant at the EPS conference department, attended the EPS Young Minds Committee Meeting in Budapest (HU).

15-16 July 2016: Ophélia Fornari attend the 5th EPS Young Minds Leadership Meeting that took place in Budapest (HU).

15-22 July 2016: Gina Gunaratnam, communication coordinator a the EPS secretariat, attended the first STEAM Summer School on science communication in Kleve (DE).

25-27 July 2016: Christophe Rossel, EPS president, and David Lee, EPS secretary general, attended the ESOF2016 conference in Manchester (UK).

26 July 2016: Christophe Rossel and David Lee joined a meeting with Commissioner Carlos Moedas and DG Research Robert-Jan Smits together with representative of ISE and EuroScience, presenting a joint statement with some concerns about  the MTR of H2020.

27 July 2016: Christophe Rossel chaired a ESOF2016 session on “Solar remediation as a solution to global water shortages” organized by IOP with support of EPS.

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