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Recent updates and changes can always be found on the journal homepage.

Authors may now submit additional text content (e.g. tables of raw/analysed data, computer code, derivations of equations) to be associated with an article as supplementary material. This material must not be crucial to a reader’s understanding of the associated article but the explanatory text could provide an aid to some readers. Supplementary material must not be used to avoid the article length limit.

Another Newsletter was circulated at the beginning of the year. The content can be found here or from the link to all the Newsletters. If you wish to receive future Newsletters please sign up on the webpage.

One new Perspective on topics related to ‘light’ has been recently published – ‘Nitride quantum light sources‘ – see Perspectives for the complete list.

Two recently published articles may be of interest to a wider community so have been set free to read for the year. Please take a look at ‘The Bohr superconductor‘ and ‘Predicting Mercury’s precession using simple relativistic Newtonian dynamics‘.

As usual, a collection of Highlighted articles published in 2015 is available online, can also be downloaded in pdf form, and will also be available on the exhibit stands at many events during 2016.

The conference season is well under way and EPL has already been present at MECO41 in Vienna and at Photoptics 2016 in Rome. Promotional material and recent print journals are likely to be available on many exhibition stands throughout 2016 – see the Events Calendar for some forthcoming specific examples.

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