EPS Executive Committee meeting in Athens

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The EPS Executive Committee met in Athens, Greece on 22-23 January 2016. The meeting was hosted by S. Sotiriou, who is the head of the physics department at the Ellino Germaniki school in Athens. This school is a leader in inquiry based science education. The Executive Committee discussed, among other affairs, the preparation of the EPS Council meeting 2016, the creation of a new EPS Advisory Board for Science Policy and the review of the EPS Strategy. A short summary of the meeting is available for EPS members here:

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12th EPS Young Minds Action Committee meeting

The 12th EPS Young Minds Action Committee meeting took place at the University of Konstanz (Germany) on 28 November 2015. The YMAC meets twice a year to discuss the most relevant information of the EPS Young Minds project. This time, all members of the committee were present (Ulrike Ritzmann, Antigone Marino, Enrique Sanchez, Bence Godó and Eva Salvador) along with the President of the EPS, Christophe Rossel, the EPS Project leader for YM activities, Ophélia Fornari and the Director of the Institute of Nuclear Research (Debrecen, Hungary), Zolt Fülöp. They welcomed two new members, Robert Caruso and Jonas Berzins. The meeting opened with a presentation of the activities of the Konstanz YM-jDPG section by Karl-Philipp. The continuous growing of the number of Young Minds Sections around Europe was highlighted.