ESA announcement for new science ideas

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Through this Call the Director of Science solicits from the broad scientific community proposals for the competitive selection of new “Science Ideas”, to be investigated in terms of feasibility and needed technology developments.
Interested parties planning to submit a proposal are required, as indicated below, to send a mandatory Letter of Intent by 9 May and will be invited to attend a briefing meeting on 8 June (date TBC).
The present Call is open to science ideas in all areas of Space Science. No limitations to the science goals addressed are imposed on the proposals. 
This Call is not intended at replacing future Calls for Medium (M) or Large (L) missions, but aims at stimulating the emergence of new and innovative science ideas based on technologies not yet sufficiently mature, possibly to become potential candidates for future M or L mission Calls in the ESA Science Programme.

Complete information about the call can be found at:

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