Erice International School of Solid State Physics

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The aim of the School is to present the state-of-the-art and the future perspectives for materials applied to the generation and storage of renewable and sustainable energy.

Lectures will be given by some of the most recognized academic and industrial experts, merging physics, chemistry and engineering knowledge in several fields. A general overview of the global energy landscape will be presented by discussing also conventional energy sources and next generation nuclear production. Topics of the school are: the global warming issue, conventional and sustainable technologies, solar energy conversion (PV and thermal), thermoelectric energy conversion, solar fuels, wind energy conversion, fuel cells, storage and vehicles. The School will be a great opportunity for students and postdoctoral fellows from around the world to meet with and learn from their peers, and established experts in a friendly atmosphere, reaping benefit in terms of enthusiasm, knowledge and new ideas and benefitting the future of mankind.

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The workshop "Integrating Access to Pan-European Research Infrastructures in Central and Eastern Europe" [INARIE] took place in Debrecen, Hungary from 30 November to 2 December 2015. INARIE was organised by the Institute for Nuclear Research (Atomki), Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the European Physical Society in frames of the International Year of Light. The workshop was part of the INARIE project of the EPS Committee of European Integration (EPS-CEI) and concluded a series of previous EPS-CEI workshops in Bucharest, Sofia and Trieste.