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The central square of Naples Piazza del Plebiscito was trasformed into a big village of science for the 29th edition of “Futuro Remoto” from 16-19 October 2015.  This event on scientific promotion and dissemination promoted by Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza, University of Naples Federico II and Regional Education Office, was dedicated to the theme of frontiers.

The PONYS (Physics and Optics Young Students of Naples) Young Minds section joined this scientific festival coordinating more than 140 volunteers, in an interactive circuit called Fisici Senza Frontiere.

The 29th edition of  'Futuro Remoto' in Naples
The 29th edition of ‘Futuro Remoto’ in Naples

Thanks to 8 stands focused on different topics going from physics and sport to thermodynamics, the PONYS YM section spread science culture and scientific knowledge with simple and attractive experiments. All experiments were made with the help of everyday materials in order to explain the underlying physical principles.  The event was designed both for adults and children with an interest in science. The experiments were reproducible at home and, most of them, fully interactive. Indeed both adults and children were engaged in discussions and attempts to understand the phenomena presented.

In 4 days the event registered over 130,000 visitors. The scientific community and the local community showed interest and appreciated the opportunities to find information on the latest scientific research, meet scientists, and socialise while having fun thanks to science and technology.

More information can be found on the PONYS website.

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