Call for bids for the organisation of the EPS-HEP 2019 Conference

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The HEPP Board of the European Physical Society is soliciting Expressions of Interest [EoI] from potential hosts of the EPS-HEP conference in 2019. These EoIs should contain some preliminary information on the Local Organizing Committee, the Universities and/or Laboratories involved, the location of the conference, the foreseen costs, the expected financial contributions from sources other than conference fees.

The EoIs should be sent to the Chair of the EPS-HEPP Board (Yves Sirois) by 30 June 2016. The EPS-HEPP Board will form a short list of two or three candidate sites and will invite their representatives to present their formal bids at an EPS-HEPP Board meeting which will be held at CERN in October 2016.

The selection of the site for 2019 should normally be decided at the same meeting.

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