Proposal to increase Individual Membership fees

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The Executive Committee has decided to propose to the EPS Council Meeting on 1-2 April 2016 to increase the membership fees for EPS Individual Members.

Any increase decided by Council 2016 will not take effect until 2017.

The proposal would increase EPS Individual Membership fees as follows:

  • Individual Member Category 3a Euro 25 would be increased to Euro 27.50
  • Individual Member Category 3b Euro 50 would be increased to Euro 55
  • Individual Member Category 3c Euro 70 would be increased to Euro 80
  • Individual Member Category 3d Euro 18 would be increased to Euro 20
  • Individual Member Category 3e Euro 18 would be increased to Euro 20



According to §5 of Annexe 1 to the Constitution and By-laws, the Unit Fee for the Calculation Individual Membership fees is fixed at Euro 10.

The Executive Committee proposes to modify section 6 of Annexe 1 to the Constitution and By-laws as follows:

Ҥ6 Membership fee of Individual Members

The membership fee for members according to Art.3 a) … e) is calculated as the average unit fee multiplied by the number of units given in TABLE 3:

Category Member Units
3.3 a) Full 2,75
  Below 30 years of age 2
  Retired 2
  Teachers/Students 2
3.3 b) Full 5,5
  Below 30 years of age 2,75
  Retired 2,75
  Teachers/Students 2
3.3 c) Full 8
  Below 30 years of age 4
  Retired 4
3.3 d) Student 2
3.3 e) Teacher 2

TABLE 3: Units for the various Individual Member categories”


The amendment would be applicable for Individual Membership fees invoiced for the year beginning 1 January 2017.
No other provision of the Constitution is hereby modified.

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