EPS Executive & Staff activity for November 2015

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2 November 2015: John Dudley, EPS vice-president, represented EPS at an IYL 2015 event at the Louvre (France) on Augustin Fresnel and the boundary between art and science seen through his works.

5 November 2015: Christophe Rossel, EPS president, upon invitation attended the IOP Awards 2015 Ceremony in London, (UK).  

5-7 November 2015: John Dudley represented EPS and IYL 2015 at the World Science Forum event of UNESCO and Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest (Hungary).

6 November 2015: Patricia Helfenstein, head of the EPS Conference Department, and David Lee, EPS secretary general attended the Steering Committee Meetings of the CLEO/Europe-EQEC conferences and of the MMI World of Photonics Congress in Munich  (Germany).

6 November 2015: Zsolt Fülöp, member of the EPS Executive Committee, attended an IYL 2015 session at World Science Forum, Budapest, Hungary.

11 November 2015: Christophe Rossel participated as invited panelist in the Conference on Science, Technology, Innovation & Social Responsibility at CERN in Geneva (Switzerland), organized by the World Academy of Art and Science [WAAS] and CERN.

13 November 2015: Christophe Rossel chaired the meeting of the EPLA Board of Directors in Mulhouse (France) attended also by David Lee and Frédéric Burr, EPL staff editor.

14 November 2015: Christophe Rossel, David Lee, Angela Bracco, member of the EPS Executive Committee and new EPL co-editor, as well as Frédéric Burr attended the EPL Board Meeting in Mulhouse (France).

23 November 2015 : Martina Knoop chaired the first session of the Strategy Review Group of the EPS that took place at the EPS Secretariat in Mulhouse (France).

24-25 November 2015: John Dudley represented EPS at the Closing Ceremony of IYL 2015 in Spain in Budapest, delivered a plenary lecture and met with representatives of the National Committee for IYL 2015 to discuss achievements and legacy actions. 

27 November 2015 : David Lee, EPS secretary general, attended the Closing Ceremony organised by the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft in Berlin (Germany).

28 November 2015: Ophélia Fornari, assisant at the EPS Conference Department, Christophe Rossel and Zsolt Fülöp attended the 12th EPS Young Minds Action Committee meeting in Konstanz (Germany.)

30 November – 2 December 2015: Christophe Rossel, David Lee and Zsolt Fülöp attended the Integrating Access to Pan-European Research Infrastructures in Central and Eastern Europe workshop [INARIE] organized at the Atomki Institute of Nuclear Research in Debrecen (Hungary), a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Network.

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