EPS Executive & Staff activity for October 2015

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2 October 2015: Lucia Di Ciaccio, honorary secretary of the EPS Executive Committee, presented on behalf of the EPS president the Emmy Noether certificate to Anna Fontcuberta i Morral, at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne [EPFL] in Lausanne (CH).

2 October 2015: Christophe Rossel, EPS president, chaired the meeting of the representatives of the EPS Member Societies [MS] at the EPS office in Belgium (rue du Trône 62, Brussels) focusing on the relations between EPS and its MS and on the way to interact with the EU institutions (Commission, Government, ERC, etc.) David Lee, EPS secretary general, and Ophélia Fornari, EPS conference assistant, attended the meeting.

6 October 2015: Christophe Rossel met with J. M. Mwabora, chairman of the Physics Department and G. Gatari, Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology, at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, and discussed issues related to Education and Physics for development in Africa. He also visited Iye Stewart, chief scientist at the IBM Research Laboratory of Nairobi for potential EPS – IBM joint actions on expertise sharing.

8 October 2015: John Dudley, EPS vice-president, delivered an IYL 2015 lecture at the Sorbonne, Paris (FR) during the Fête de la Science.

12-13 October 2015: David Lee attended the kick-off meeting of the EC funded CREATIONS Project, which will explore innovative science teaching in Bayreuth (DE).

16 October 2015: Christophe Rossel attended the Light and Innovation Ceremony at the Palazzo Edison in Milan (IT), organized in the frame of IYL 2015 to celebrate the 2015 EPS Edison Volta Prize recipients and to hear additional talks on Light and its applications.

17-20 October 2015: David Lee attended the Frontiers in Optics Meeting, in San Jose, CA (USA).

23-24 October 2015: Christophe Rossel chaired the EPS Executive Committee meeting in Brussels (BE). David Lee also attended the meeting.

24 October 2015. Christophe Rossel attended the EPS Historic Site ceremony for the Hotel Metropole in Brussels (BE) with an introducing address and unveiling the official memorial plaque. David Lee also attended the ceremony.

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