Guido Altarelli

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We have learned with great sadness that the distinguished Italian theoretical physicist Guido Altarelli passed away on the 30th of September 2015.

Guido was a major figure in the field of particle physics, who made important contributions to the understanding of electroweak and strong interactions, neutrinos, and theories beyond the standard model. He had recently shared the prestigious EPS High Energy Physics Prize on the occasion of the  EPS HEP International Conference in Vienna in July 2015. He had previously received the 2012 Sakura prize of the American Physical Society.

The EPS prize underlined his essential contributions to the development of a probabilistic field theory framework for the dynamics of quarks and gluons, enabling a quantitative understanding of high-energy collisions involving hadrons. A professor at the University « La Sapienza » in Rome, Guido had derived his famous evolution equations with Giorgio Parisi, also honored this summer in Vienna, while at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris in 1977. This work laid the ground for a very successful experimental programme at colliders over the intervening decades, allowing precision tests of the Standard Model.

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