EPS Executive & Staff activity for September 2015

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1-4 September: Christophe Rossel, EPS president, attended the joint annual Meeting of the Austrian and Swiss Physical Societies at TU Wien, Vienna, delivering one opening address and chairing two sessions (one plenary and one on Condensed Matter Physics)

2 September:  John Dudley, EPS vice-president, represented the EPS at special IYL 2015 Daylight Symposium Event held in London (GB).

3 September: Zsolt Fülöp, EPS Executive Committee member, organized an ‘EPS Young Minds’ session at the EuNPC conference in Groningen (NL).

7-8 September: Christophe Rossel and David Lee, EPS secretary general, participated in the opening ceremony of the Polish Physical Society in Kielce (PL) and attended the IPSEC–X session with a talk on ‘The role of national and international scientific societies in the modern world’.

14 September: John Dudley represented the EPS and gave an introductory address at the Ibn Al Haytham Conference held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris (FR).

14 September Christophe Rossel co-organized and participated in the ceremony of the joint EPS-APS 24th Historic Site ‘Einsteinhaus’ at the Kramgasse 49 in Bern (CH).

14 September 2015:  Christophe Rossel and David Lee attended the joint APS-EPS meeting with Sam Aronson (APS president), Luisa Cifarelli (President of SIF and coordinator of EPS-APS relations) and Edward Krubasik (President of DPG).

16 September 2015 : L. di Ciaccio, EPS Honorary Secretary, G. Leuchs, EPS Honorary Treasurer, C. Latimer, past EPS treasurer and D. Lee met in Zurich (CH) to discuss EPS finances.

21 September: David Lee together with Patricia Helfenstein and Ophélia Fornari, from the EPS conferences service, Ahmed Ouarab, IT engineer, and Gina Gunaratnam, communication coordinator, met with Peter Maria Schuster, chair of the History of Physics Group, at the EPS secretariat in Mulhouse (FR).

21-25 September: Angela Bracco, member of the EPS Executive Committee, attended the annual meeting of the Italian Physical Society in Rome (IT).

23-24 September : The EPS hosted the meeting of the Inspiring Physics Education Project in Mulhouse.

23-24 September: Christophe Rossel attended the EPS Energy Group meeting at Università Sapienza in Rome (IT) and presented his views with a talk on ‘Responsibility of scientists in public matters and advising on science’. Elisabeth Rachlew, member of the EPS Executive Committee, made a presentation.

25 September: The EPN Editors’ meeting and the Editorial Advidsory Board meeting took place in Helsinki (FI). Christophe Rossel, David Lee, Zsolt Fülöp, EPS Executive Committee member, Xavier De Araujo, EPS graphic designer, and Gina Gunaratnam attended the meeting.

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