Einstein Symposium: 100 years of the Theory of General Relativity

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The Symposium called “From simple physical concepts to a new notion of space, time and gravitation” will take place at ETH in Zurich (CH) from 12-14 November 2015.

It will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s four papers on General Relativity from November 1915. A review of the history of the creation of Einstein’s masterpiece, from its roots in Bern, the important steps forward in Zurich and up to its completion in Berlin will be followed by an extensive overview covering the later developments up to present-day research. This will include discussions on the impact of the theory on our view of the universe as well as on progress in technology for everyday life.

Registration is required. To register, please visit:

Please note: The talks on Friday and on Saturday will address topics from the theory in such a way to be understandable by an interested, but not necessarily active professional audience.

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