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Step into the Light – an IYL 2015 Anthem

The École Polytechnique in France has released the song ‘Step into the Light a remarkable musical tribute to the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 (IYL 2015).

Step into the Light is an original composition urging the citizens of the world to step up and help to spread the message about the importance of light and optical technologies in their lives, for their futures, and for the development of society. The song has a chorus based on a simple melody and the composers are asking interested groups around the world to get involved. One way to participate is to record yourself singing this chorus in your own language and with your choice of traditional instruments.  We will collate all contributions into a special recording for the end of the International Year and this will be your chance to have your contribution preserved for history!    

More information on how to participate here.

Night of Heritage Light illuminates UNESCO World Heritage Sites in UK and Ireland

On the evening of October 1st, The Night of Heritage Light will illuminate several UNESCO World Heritage Sites within the UK and Ireland, in acknowledgement of the UNESCO International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 (IYL 2015). With this event, the Society of Light and Lighting will celebrate the skills of its members and promote UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

More information:

600th Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Seminar celebrates IYL 2015

The 600th Heraeus seminar, as part of the International Year of Light celebrations, will give an overview on the recent achievements in the field of quantum optics.

Confirmed speakers of the seminar are the world’s leading experts in the field of quantum optics, including the three Nobel Laureates: Prof. William D. Philipps, Prof. Dr. Theodor W. Hänsch and Prof. Dr. Roy J. Glauber.

The event will take place on October 25-30, 2015, in the Physikzentrum in Bad Honnef, Germany, and advanced master and PhD students are very welcome to participate.

More Information:

LIGHT2015 Project Updates

The LIGHT2015 project – coordinated by EPS – is well underway and the end of the year looks quite promising with many foreseen activities:

  • The iSPEX-EU campaign to measure air-pollution with smartphones is running in 10 major European cities. It has already attracted a lot of attention from international media, e.g. The Guardian (UK), El Mundo (Spain), Corriere della Sera (Italy). The campaign will run until October 15th and you can check here the iSPEX-EU live map.
  • Around 30 LIGHTtalks will be organized over Europe during this year, many of them by EPS Member Societies. You can check the Event Programme here. If your Member Society is interested on organize such event in your country please contact the LIGHT2015 Project Officer jorge [dot] rivero [at] eps [dot] org.
  • The LIGHT2015 Careers Video is now available with subtitles to all 24 official EU languages.

More information here.

Find the latest updates about the International Year of Light on and on the IYL 2015 Blog and IYL 2015 social media channels: Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Lecture series at the University of Oslo Library

The International Year of Light and Light Technologies is celebrated by a series of lectures at the University of Oslo Library. This fall, the series continue as follows, given by:
• Torunn Kjeldstad, Center of material science and nanotechnology, on solar cells, a hot topic in renewable energy, 1 September 2015.
• Mats Carlsson, Department of Theoretical Astrophysics, on the sunlight – a key to knowledge, 6 October 2015,
• Johan E. Moan, Department of Physics, on sun and health, 3 November 2015,
• Pål Brekke, Norwegian Space Center, on the Aurora – from myths to tourist attraction, 1 December 2015.