Recommendations for evaluation of experimental particle physicists

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The European Committee for Future Accelerators [ECFA] and the High Energy and Particle Physics Division of the European Physical Society [EPS-HEPP] have jointly prepared a document to help professional committees to assess the achievements of individual particle physicists from large experimental collaborations. The document is motivated by the need to explain to scientists from outside the community of experimental high-energy physics the way these collaborations, of few hundred to few thousand members, are organized in order to design, build and carry out the scientific program of large-scale experiments.

Originally the issue was approached in 2008 by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics [IUPAP] in a document entitled “Assessment of Individual Achievements in Large Collaborations in Particle Physics” (IUPAP C11 Document 19-v1). The present document follows the same spirit, however it takes into account the practices de facto adopted by the various international collaborations, that do no follow “à la lettre” the recommendations of IUPAP. The document also provides recommendations to particle physicists how to prepare for evaluations.

With this letter ECFA and EPS-HEPP are asking you to disseminate the document (click here to download it) to bodies for which it might be on interest.

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