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IYL 2015 summer activities
Enjoy the IYL 2015 summer activities!

International Year of Light at IEEE AFRICON 2015 Conference in Ethiopia

The International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 (IYL 2015) will hold a special workshop as part of IEEE AFRICON 2015, the IEEE’s flagship conference of the African continent which provides a platform for academics and industry professionals worldwide to share ideas and present their latest research. IEEE AFRICON 2015 will be held on the historic UNECA Conference Centre, in Addis Ababa, from 14-17 September 2015. The theme of IEEE AFRICON 2015 is “Green Innovation For African Renaissance” and the event features a comprehensive technical program with distinguished keynote speakers.

More information here.

LIGHT2015 – Careers in Photonics Video

The LIGHT2015 Project is delighted to present a video developed by Politecnico di Milano within the LIGHT2015 Project to promote the importance of photonics in careers, with short explanations by scientists, entrepreneurs and professionals working in photonics. The aim of the video is to encourage young students, especially women, to pursue careers in photonics, making the career choice attractive to students seeking challenges and the possibility for future development and to provide inspiration to look at photonics as a career to follow. The video will be subtitled to all EU official languages.

More information here.

FIAT LUX Conference: Let There Be Light

In June 3-5 2015 Roma shone of light. Lot of experts came to Roma in those days to discuss about light. The Fiat Lux Conference was proud to invite pioneers from all over the world that presented light from the point of view of philosophers, engineers, physicist and artists.

Among the keynote speakers we could highlight: Stefan W. Hell (2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany) that discussed about the simple yet powerful principles that allow neutralizing the limiting role of diffraction in microscopy, Ada Yonath (2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel) who explained how important is light in the ribosome tunnel that translates the genetic code into proteins, Vint Cerf (Chief Internet Evangelist in GOOGLE, U.S.), who described how internet might be able to attract and absorb new technologies and applications, Dermon Moran (President of the International Federation of Philosophic Societies) who described the metaphysics of light, Evandro Agazzi (President of the International Academy of Philosophy), who discussed about light in the Christian tradition and many others from both scientific and philosophic environments.

In the website, you can find videos, photos and abstracts of the full Conference.

Magic Optics

A 12-year-old student from India got inspired by the International Year of Light to prepare a project for her annual school science exhibition and decided to share her story on the IYL 2015 Blog. Read about it here.

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