The Fasor Lutheran Secondary School of Budapest distinguished as EPS Historic Site

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“The fear of the lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

Luisa Cifarelli in front of the building
Luisa Cifarelli in front of the building

This is the motto of the Fasor Lutheran Secondary School of Budapest, Hungary, which was recognised as an EPS Historic Site on 23 April 2015. This school has proved to be very successful in finding and encouraging talent: Both Eugene Wigner (Nobel Prize in physics, 1963) and John von Neumann attended the school and learned the basics of science there.

This is the first time that EPS has made a school an EPS Historic Site. This award recognises the hard work of science teachers not only in Budapest, but all over Europe. It is difficult to imagine high level science without excellent scientists and those talents can only be found and taught by excellent teachers. Remember the school’s motto…

The school was founded by the Lutheran Church in 1823. It was originally situated at Deák Ferenc square, but moved to Sütő utca in 1864, and finally to its current location in Városligeti fasor (“Tree lined Avenue to the City Park”) in 1904, receiving its present nickname. In the first decades of its existence it operated as a German-language institution, and in 1847 Hungarian became the language of instruction. It had to close in 1952 under Communist pressure. The Fasori Gimnázium re-opened in 1989.

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