NuPECC Brochure “Light to Reveal the Heart of Matter”

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NuPECC, the Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee ( is contributing  to the International Year of Light [IYL2015] with a brochure “Light to Reveal the Heart of Matter”.

The NuPECC brochure dedicated to IYL 2015

We would like to show the many facets how the electromagnetic spectrum – light in its broadest sense – is featured in nuclear physics research, from high-energy gamma-rays down to scintillation light and lasers, looking into nucleons and nuclei, and connecting to other fields such as astrophysics and medicine.

One of the paramount infrastructures for this field of research will be ELI-NP, the nuclear physics branch of the Extreme Light Infrastructure (, now under construction at Bucharest-Magurele, Romania.

NuPECC has particularly strong ties with ECT, the European Centre for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas, in Trento (, which has contributed to the Year of Light with the “International Winter School and Workshop on Strongly Correlated Fluids of Light and Matter”.

The NuPECC Brochure is available on-line on the NuPECC Website under

or on the website of the International Year of Light IYL 05 under

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