EPS Plasma Physics Division prizes awarded

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The 2015 Hannes Alfvén Prize will be awarded at EPS2015 to

Nathaniel J. Fisch (PPL, USA) “for his contributions to the understanding of plasma wave‐particle interactions and their applications to efficiently driving currents with radio‐frequency waves”.

The 2015 PhD Research Awards will be awarded to

Bruno Albertazzi (LULI, FR) for his PhD thesis on “Plasmas Lasers et Champs Magnétiques”,
Joaquim Loizu
(EPFL, CH) for his PhD thesis on “The role of the sheath in magnetized plasma turbulence and flows” and
Michael Rack
(Düsseldorf Univ., DE) for his PhD thesis on “Influence of resonant magnetic perturbations on transient heat load deposition and fast ion losses”.

The prizes ceremony will take place during the annual conference of the Division to be held in Lisbon (Portugal) at the end of June (

More info can be found on the website of the EPS Plasma Physics Division.

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