EPS Distinctions 2015

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The 2015 Gero Thomas Medal for outstanding contribution to the European Physical Society was awarded to Gerardo Delgado Barrio, from Madrid, Spain for commitment to the EPS in the fields of international scientific cooperation, outreach and education, and physics for development.

As a member of the EPS Executive Committee from 2001 until 2006, G. Delgado Barrio opened up communications channels to Latin America, notably through the creation of the Federation of Latin American Physical Societies. This allowed the development of EPS activities for physics for development. G. Delgado Barrio was a founding member of the EPS Forum Physics and Society, and organized the 4th FPS Meeting in El Escorial, on improving the dialogue between physics and society.

The EPS also welcomed Stefan Hell, the Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry 2014 as an honorary member for pioneering work in the physics and applications of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy which has taken optical imaging beyond the diffraction limit, and which has provided research laboratories around the world with the ability to discern the nanoscale features of tissues and cells.

Finally, Council delegates recognised the following individuals as Fellows of the EPS:

  • Patrizio Antici
  • Alessandro Bettini
  • Harald Brune
  • Majed Chergui
  • Michel Spiro
  • Horst Stoecker
  • Victor Zamfir

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