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Mulhouse, the city hosting the secretariat of the European Physical Society, has started its activities celebrating the International Year of Light [IYL 2015]. Educational visual arts workshops are being organised through the “Ateliers Pédagogiques d’Arts Plastiques” [APAP]. The team led by Cyrille Saint-Cricq has taken light as the connecting thread for their programme running all through the year.

Chimigrammes, art workshop by Silvi Simon at the APAP
Art workshop by Silvi Simon

The artist Silvi Simon led the first workshop. She invited children to work on photography without using a camera. Her workshop called “Chimigrammes” – a mix of chemistry and photograms, allowed participants aged 6-12 to play and work with photosensitive paper and development techniques. The differences between the variety of materials and reactions to light gave children the opportunity to produce very creative images.

The city also celebrated IYL 2015 by taking light as the theme of its “Rando de Nuit”, a city walk by night allowing participants to discover their town with a fresh eye. This year the tenth edition of the event gathered more than 3,000 walkers on 21 March and took them for a visit around the city illuminations.  

The University de Haute-Alsace [UHA] in Mulhouse is celebrating its 40th anniversary in October 2015 and has also programmed a series of events related to IYL 2015. During the “Journées des Arts et de la Culture” that took place on 8-10 April, a public lecture was given with texts about light. This performance was led in 36 French schools taking part in the three days of cultural events. The public was invited to concerts and to the opening of several exhibitions with light as the theme. “Ombres et Lumière”, “Lux et Lumen”, “Sciences en lumière, lumière en sciences” or “Wunderlicht” will welcome visitors to various places of the campus for the coming weeks in April and May.

Further information on IYL 2015 activities in Mulhouse can be found at the following urls:
- SUAC, service culturel de l’UHA
- APAP, Ateliers Pédagogiques d’Arts Plastiques
- Exhibition “#StreetArt – Innovation at the Heart of a Movement”, Musée Electropolis

Discover the complete programme of events in France on the French IYL 2015 website.

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