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The most recent updates and changes at EPL can be found on the web pages at

Perspectives – 5 new articles have already been published in 2015 with a further 2 in production. Several of these mini-reviews have content relating to ‘light’.

Newsletter – the first for this year will be distributed in mid-April – make sure you are signed up to receive it; back issues are also available online.

Compilations – more lists have been updated, with several new ones added to the set, making it easier for you to find articles directly relating to your research area; new compilations include “Glasses”, “Nuclear Astrophysics” and “Chaos & Chaotic Systems”.

Print subscribers to EPL may notice their ‘bumper’-size copies have a colourful separator page between the 2 issues showing images from various opening ceremonies for the International Year of Light. These pages may shortly be available for download from a web gallery.

Cover gallery – All colourful EPL cover images from volume 77 through to the current volume 109 are already available for download as posters from the web gallery.

New EPL co-editors – 19 new co-editors joined the EPL the editorial board since 1 April 2015.

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The European Physical Society Conference on Nuclear Physics is one of the major International Conferences that reviews the field of nuclear physics every third year. The first two Conferences were held in Bochum (2009) and in Bucharest (2012), with 374 participants from 29 countries in the last one.
In 2015 the Third European Nuclear Physics Conference will take place in Groningen, Netherlands from August 31 to September 4, 2015.