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The 29th International Conference on Photonic, Electronic and Atomic Collisions [XXIX ICPEAC] will take place in Toledo (Spain) from 22 to 28 July 2015. The invited speakers include the Nobel Prize Laureates Ahmed Zewail (Plenary Talk) and Serge Haroche (Public Lecture), as well as the Prince of Asturias Laureate Pedro Echenique (Public Lecture), whose talks will commemorate the International Year of Light.  As usual, the ICPEAC conference will gather the most prestigious scientists in the field and will be an active forum for scientific discussions and inspiration.

Further information, including the programme and online registration is available at

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The Opening Ceremony of the International year of Light took place in Paris on 19-20 January 2015. It was a wonderful event, full of exciting science, inspiring uses of technology for social progress, and beautiful artistic representations. Since then, I have been in a number of conversations where people have asked “what is the lasting impact”?
Actually, this question gets asked a lot in any context where the scientific community in general, and the European Physical Society [EPS] in particular becomes involved in outreach or policy initiatives. While it is a good question, and requires a reply, it can be misleading. When it gets asked, the questioner wants to know what this one event (this ...