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A selection of publications on light

Léon Pourteau: Lecture sous la lampe
Léon Pourteau: Lecture sous la lampe

Physics World publishes 10 of the best articles on light on their website:

EPL will publish a series of perspectives throughout 2015 on the theme of light.  Each perspective will be available to be read freely at:

In addition to events throughout the year, the American Physical Society [APS] is celebrating IYL 2015 by making a selection of papers from its archive freely available to the public throughout 2015. Read them at:

As a media partner, Journal of Optics celebrates IYL2015 with a special collection of research articles.
View them at:

Springer explores the mysteries of light. In the book “Visible and Invisible – The Wonders of Light Phenomena”, the author explains the mysteries and wonders of electromagnetism and light for a general audience.
More details can be found at:

Elsevier selects the most downloaded articles on Optics Communications. You can read them at:

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