EPS Executive and Staff activity for December 2014

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The EPS works to support its members. Find below the list of activities of the EPS Executive Committee and staff for December 2014:

  • 5 December 2014: J. Dudley, EPS president, D. Lee, EPS general secretary, and J. Rivero, IYL 2015 outreach officer, attended a meeting organised by the European Commisson in Brussels (BE) to discuss how to coordinate the activities of the three projects financed to promote photonics in Europe.
  • 11-12 December 2014: G. Djordjevic, S. Sotiriou, EPS Executive Committee members and D. Lee attended the third Central European Initiative workshop on how to promote Horizon 2020 projects in Balkan Countries that was organised at ICTP (Trieste, IT).
  • 16 December: Gina Gunaratnam meets with members of the Ateliers Pédagogiques d’Arts Plastiques [APAP] and Carole Ecoffet, researcher at the Institut de Science des Matériaux de Mulhouse [IS2M] at the EPS secretariat in Mulhouse (FR) to discuss about IYL 2015 projects involving arts and children.
  • 17 December: Ahmed Ouarab, EPS IT engineer, met with the association Migration Co-Développement Alsace [MCDA] and the company Alter-Alsace Energies at the EPS secretariat in Mulhouse (FR) to discuss about a IYL 2015 project regarding how and what light can bring to developping countries.

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