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EPS Nuclear Physics Division

Nuclear Physics Division Prizes
One of the main objectives of the Nuclear Physics Division [NPD] of the EPS is to assist and stimulate the advancement and the dissemination of knowledge in nuclear physics.

One activity to achieve this objective are the three prestigious prizes awarded in recognition of excellence in nuclear science and physics for both the younger generation (PhD prize) and for experienced researchers (Lise Meitner prize). The IBA prize prize is specifically awarded for nuclear physics applications.

PhD Prize
A PhD prize is awarded every 3 years at the European Nuclear Physics Conference, where the winner has the chance to present a Plenary talk on their work. The call for the next PhD prize can be found here.

The deadline for applications is 1 January 2015 and the prize will be awarded during the NPD Conference in Groningen, Netherlands, next September:

In addition to declaring a winner, given the typically high standard of the nominations for the PhD thesis prize, a “Special Mention” has often been given to runners-up who are invited to give a shorter talk in one of the conference subject-specific parallel sessions.

IBA Prize
This prize is awarded in odd years for Applied Nuclear Science and Nuclear Methods Medicine and it is sponsored by IBA.

In the past, the prize has been awarded for research in radiation biophysics, in the application of accelerator mass spectrometry, in the Ion Beam Analysis techniques in the field of Cultural Heritage studies, in tumor therapy with heavy ions, in the development of spin polarized 3He targets by optical pumping and in improving PET-scans.

The most recent IBA Prize winner was Prof. Durante in 2013 and was celebrated at a ceremony on 7 June 2013 during the International Nuclear Physics Conference [INPC], held in Florence, Italy.

The deadline for the next IBA prize nominations is 16 January 2015 and more information can be found here.


EPS High Energy Particle Physics Division

The EPS HEPP Board is calling for nominations for the EPS High Energy Particle Physics Prizes in 2015.

- The High Energy and Particle Physics Prize;
- The Giuseppe and Vanna Cocconi Prize;
- The Young Experimental Physicist Prize;
- The Gribov Medal;
- The Outreach Prize.

In accordance with EPS-HEPP regulations, nominations for the High Energy and Particle Physics Prize are only accepted from a broad list of invited world experts.

The nominations for the other prizes are open and should be addressed to the corresponding EPS-HEPP sub-committee chairperson by 11 January 2015.  The Prizes will be awarded in a ceremony on 27 July 2015, during the International Europhysics Conference on HEP, to be held in Vienna, Austria. More detailed regulations and the list of previous prize winners may be consulted on the EPS HEPP website.

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