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PLANCKS (Physics League Across Numerous Countries for Kick-ass Students) is an annual international physics contest for bachelor and master students.

The three-day event consists of a symposium, the contest itself, an excursion, an informal get-together (with drinks and a party) and the awards ceremony. During the contest, around 150 physics students will try to answer challenging physics exercises.

In 2015 PLANCKS will be held in Leiden, The Netherlands, from the 22 to 24 May. The symposium will be held in a theatre in Leiden and is expected to attract 800 participants, who will listen to lectures by great physicists from all over the world. The contest will be held at the faculty of science of Leiden University. After the contest there will be an excursion in which the contestants will visit the city of Leiden and the research done at Leiden’s science faculty. For a complete programme please visit our website.

Participants in PLANCKS will compete in teams consisting of three to four members. The costs for competing will be €50 per team, for which participants will receive full access to the event. Lunch and dinner will be provided as well. Sleeping arrangements can also be made by the organising committee but will entail extra costs.

Each country can submit a limited number of teams, depending on the popularity of PLANCKS in each participant’s country and the size of the country. So far, Austria, Germany, Hungary, The Netherlands, Portugal and Romania are organising a preliminary event for PLANCKS. The winners of these preliminary events will participate in PLANCKS. In other countries people can show interest and the participants will be selected by a random number generator.

The online registration for PLANCKS opened on 1 October 2014 and will continue until 16 January 2015. Participants can register with a team of three or four students. If a preliminary event is organised in your country, please contact the event organisers to participate.

For more information and the registration, please visit the PLANCKS website.

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