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Ibn Al-Haytham to be a focus of the International Year of Light through partnering with 1001 Inventions

Ibn Al-Haytham

The International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies [IYL2015] is delighted to welcome as a Founding Partner the award-winning educational organisation 1001 Inventions. British-based 1001 Inventions has the specific mission to raise awareness of the contributions to science, technology and culture from the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation, and will play a key role during IYL2015 to promote and celebrate the 10th century pioneer Ibn Al-Haytham. Ibn Al-Haytham’s seminal work on optics ‘Kitab al-Manazir (The Book of Optics)’ was written around 1015, and its 1000th anniversary is listed explicitly in the United Nations resolution on IYL2015 as a focal point of celebration.

Read more about it here.

Write for Light in 2015!

Do you have an interesting story related to light that you would like to share worldwide?

If you are a scientist, a science writer, a light designer or just someone interested in light and you have a fascinating story related to light or its application, you can also be part of the International Year of Light by contributing to the IYL2015 blog. If you have an interesting idea for a blog post, please send a small pitch (100-150 words max.) to jorge [dot] rivero [at] eps [dot] org and we will review it first and provide feedback.

We are planning to publish as many posts as possible during 2015 and prepare a publication in 2016 with all the blog posts to submit to UNESCO and the UN as part of the Final Report on the International Year. This is a truly unique chance to be part of a one-of-a-kind publication.

Looking forward to reading your stories!

Learning with Light Competition to celebrate IYL2015

The Inspiring Science Education Project is organising a competition for science teachers. The contest will reward and recognise inspirational science teaching practice. It is aimed at teachers who are planning to run an experiment in their science class between now and March 31, 2015 to coincide with the International Year of Light.

Read more about the contest here.

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