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On behalf of the organizing committee of the International Workshop “Promotion of physics in the CEI countries and Integrating Access to Research Infrastructures in Europe” the organisers ares delighted to invite you to the event to be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, 23-25 November 2014.

The workshop is the second one in the framework of the project “Towards the integration of the physics community in CEI countries into the ERA”. The project is co-financed by: Central European Initiative [CEI], European Physical Society [EPS], ICTP Trieste (Italy), Southeastern European Network in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics [SEENET-MTP], UNESCO Venice Office [UVO], supported by CEI Trieste, and Physics Society Niš as the logistics partner.

The first workshop “Widening participation of SEE countries in the EU Research Programs” was held in Bucharest, Romania, 25-27 May 2014, hosted by Prof. Radu Constantinescu, University of Craiova.

The workshop will bring together scientists, EU officials and science policy experts, as well as representatives of the Southeastern European Network in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics (SEENET-MTP). The SEENET-MTP partner institutions aim at maintaining the established strategic partnership between leading scientific institutions and researchers from South-Eastern and Western European countries.

Confirmed participants Mr. Octavi Quintana-Trias, DG RTD, European Commission, Prof. Christoph Rossel, IBM-Zurich and President-elect of the EPS, Mr. David Lee, Secretary General EPS, Prof. Giorgio Rossi, Vice-Chair ESFRI, Prof. Sydney Gales, ELI-NP, Prof. Maciej Kolwas, former president of the EPS, Prof. Radu Constantinescu SEENET-MTP and University of Craiova), Prof. Goran Djordjevic (SEENET – MTP and University of Nis), and Prof. Denes Nagy.

We hope that you will be able to actively attend in the round table discussions on:
-”The role of the learned societies in the modern era of shared research infrastructures”
- “The role of smart specialization in the modern era of shared research infrastructures”

The organizers will appreciate very much the exact title of your talk/points as soon as it is possible.
The organizers will cover all the local expenses (accommodation and boarding), as well as travel costs at your request.

On a personal level, I shall be happy to welcome you in Sofia.

Ana Proykova
Chair of the General Assembly, Faculty of Physics, Sofia University
National delegate to the ESFRI & Program Committee Member NMBP, H2020
Scientific Advisor of the H2020 on Future and emerging technologies, Gender, International cooperation, Science with and for society

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