Is scientific integrity threatened by US sanctions against Iran?

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Scientific activities are not isolated from the societal activities. Economic crisis, wars, support grants, policy etc. can influence working conditions for scientists.

Recently, the US strengthened its trade restrictions with Iran, stemming from the US policy against “targeted foreign countries […], those engaged in activities related to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.” The restrictions recommend US publishers of scientific journals to avoid the publication of scientific papers submitted by Iranian scientists.

It seems that the number of concerned papers is low. Targeted research focuses on plasma and nuclear physics done in Iranian governmental institutions.

Some learned societies have already published informative notices regarding this issue, often when scientists from Iran (or other targeted foreign countries) work with authors from the US. Many individuals have raised their voices to denounce the affiliation-based selection of manuscripts, which is contrary to the unwritten rules, which do not tolerate discrimination based on affiliation or national origin.

Disclaimer: This article does not aim to reflect the position from the EPS nor its members.

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