A new publication frequency for Europhysics News

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In response to the decision at 2014 Council to save production costs and to insure that the magazine remains spread widely in Europe, it was agreed to change the publication frequency of Europhysics News.

In 2014 and 2015, Europhysics News will move from 6 printed issues to 5 printed issues. In this way we hope to satisfy the interests of authors and advertisers and achieve the sustainability of the publication.

Europhysics News constantly evolves to better fit the needs and expectations of the readers. The fifth issue will be larger (32 + 16 pages) than the other issues to accommodate extra features and will be published in November. In addition, a downloadable PDF version as well as a user-friendly online version will also be available for all issues.

Europhysics News is the magazine of the European Physical Society [EPS]. Main activities of the EPS are related in the magazine. Since 1969, readers find interesting articles covering various fields of physics, notice of featured peer-reviewed papers and opinions concerning the context of scientific research.

Latest issues of EPN are available on the Europhysics News website.

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