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The 24th SESAME Council Meeting was held on 12-13 May 2014 in Italy. It was hosted by the Frascati National Laboratory [LNF] of the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics [INFN].

The meeting was chaired by the Council’s President, Prof. Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith, and attended by representatives of the Members of SESAME, as well as representatives of the Observer States of SESAME, intergovernmental and international organizations, among which the European Physical Society [EPS], the Chair of SESAME’s Finance Committee and the Chairs of the Centre’s Advisory Committees.

Participants to the SESAME Council 2014
Participants to the SESAME Council 2014

Reports on the status of the project and from the Advisory Committees presented during the meeting showed progress in the construction and schedule of the light source, and a well-defined plan for repairs to the roof of the experimental hall, which collapsed during an unprecedented heavy snowstorm in December 2013 (see more information on SESAME website). The commissioning of the Booster has started and results of the first turn of the beam in the ring were shown. Production of magnets for the synchrotron is in progress. First prototypes of the dipoles and of the quadrupoles will be measured in the next few months.

An Elettra/SESAME/INFN framework agreement signed at the Council meeting set the stage for scientific-technical cooperation between the 3 research institutions for the joint development of the radiofrequency cavities for SESAME’s storage ring to be funded with the €1M provided by the Italian Government in 2013. This agreement was signed by Profs. Rizzuto, Toukan and Ferroni, representing Elettra, SESAME and INFN respectively.

Prof. Mancini representing the Minister of Education, University and Research, Dr. Benedetti, Diplomatic Advisor to the Minister, and Ambassador Meloni representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, participated in the meeting thereby fostering the continuation of the Italian contribution to the construction of SESAME. Prof. Mancini informed delegates that Italy will be providing a further €1M for this in 2014.

The celebration of the International Year of Light in 2015, which was an initiative of the EPS together with other scientific bodies and endorsed by UNESCO, is a perfect opportunity to increase the visibility of the SESAME project.

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