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At the EPL Editorial Board meeting on 16 May 2014, Dr. Christophe Rossel was appointed as Chairman of the EPL Association [EPLA], responsible for the operation of the EPL journal. He takes over from Prof. Markus Schwoerer who has held that role for the past 3 years.

C. Rossel has been a member of the Board of Directors of the EPLA since 2012. Receiving a PhD in solid-state physics in 1981 from the University of Geneva in the field of superconductivity he continued research at the University of California, San Diego. In 1987, he joined IBM Research Zurich and focussed on high-temperature superconductors (a hot topic for publications in EPL). C. Rossel has recently been appointed as EPS President Elect, due to become President in 2015. In addition to being a member of the EPS Technology Group, the Energy group and the Forum for Physics and Society, he was also member of the steering committee of the 2005 World Year of Physics. A Fellow of both the EPS and the IOP, C. Rossel is also a past president of the Swiss Physical Society.

In retiring from the EPLA Chairmanship M. Schwoerer has been replaced by Prof. Robert Klanner as the representative on the Board of Directors for the Category B member societies in the EPLA. After a PhD in experimental particle physics from Munich in 1973 R. Klanner pursued further research in Illinois, United States, before returning to become Leading Scientist at DESY, Hamburg in 1984, Professor at the University of Hamburg in 1996, and now Director of Research at DESY since 1999.

The EPL management wishes to express their thanks to M. Schwoerer for his guidance of the EPLA through recent years, including the 25th anniversary celebrations in which he took a major part in organising. We also wish to congratulate C. Rossel on his new role and to welcome R. Klanner to the Board of Directors.

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