Executive and Staff Activity for April 2014

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The EPS works to support its members. Find below for the list of the activities of EPS Executive Committee and staff for April 2014:

  • 1 April: EPS Secretary, M. Knoop participated in Fysica in Leiden, the Netherlands, in order to give the Emmy-Noether prize to Nynke Dekker
  • 3 April: EPS Executive Committee met at Trieste, Italy
  • 3-5 April: EPS Communication Coordinator B. Huchet participated to the HOPE meeting held in Lille, France
  • 4-5 April: EPS Council took place at Trieste, Italy
  • 13-14 April: EPS president J. Dudley presented IYL 2015 at SPIE Photonics Europe Conference in Brussels, Belgium
  • 21 April: EPS General Secretary D. Lee and EPS president J. Dudley hold EPS business meeting in Besançon, France
  • 25 April: EPS president J. Dudley participated at full day IYL2015 planning meeting at the UNESCO headquarter in Paris, France
  • 28 April: EPS president J. Dudley represented EPS at ICAN project meeting at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, France
  • 30 April: EPS president J. Dudley participated in the EPS Historic Site ceremony of the Blackett Laboratory in London, United-Kingdom

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