18th ISQE’2014

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The 18th International School on Quantum Electronics “Laser Physics and Applications” [18th ISQE'2014] will be held from 29 September to 3 October 2014 in Sozopol, Bulgaria.

The 18th ISQE’2014 is a traditional event, organized biennially since 1980. The proceeding of previous issues are available on 18th ISQE’2014 website.

The topics cover investigations of the basic physical phenomena, processes of interaction of laser radiation with different materials and new scientific results obtained in the research areas of quantum electronics and optics, as well as the applications. Leading scientists are invited to deliver lectures on the laser physics fundamentals and lasers applications as well as the latest results in these research areas.

The EPS supports its member to attend this international school through its IM Travels Grants programme.

Abstracts can be submitted by the 30 May 2014. Reduced fee will apply to registrations confirmed by 30 June 2014.

Further information can be found on 18th ISQE’2014 website.

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