Executive and Staff Activity for February 2014

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The EPS works to support its members. Find below for the list of the activities of EPS Executive Committee and staff for February 2014:

  • 3 February: J. Dudley, EPS President, attended multi-society International Year of Light Planning Meeting during Photonics West in San Francisco, USA
  • 6 February: EPN Editors Meeting (X. de Araujo, J. Ekon, A. Henri, J. Hermanns, B. Huchet, D. Lee, C. Sebenne, V. R. Velasco) in Paris, France
  • 13 February: EPS Staff (O. Fornari, G. Gunaratnam, B. Huchet, A. Ouarab, N. Wicky) meet with John Dudley, EPS President to discuss the action plan toward the IYL2015 in Besançon, France
  • 17-18 February: J. Dudley, EPS President, and D. Lee attend IYL 2015 Meeting, Trieste, Italy
  • 26 February: J. Dudley, EPS President presented International Year of Light in Dublin to a range of different partners from Ireland

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