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The EPS-Accelerators Group prizes is pleased to announce the laureates of the Rolf Wideröe Prize, the Gersch Budker Prize and the Frank Sacherer Prize. These prizes are awarded every three years for exceptional work in the accelerator field.

The Rolf Wideröe Prize for “outstanding work in the accelerator field without age limit” will be awarded to Professor Mikael Eriksson, Machine Director of the Max-IV Laboratory, Lund, Sweden, for outstanding leadership in the design, construction and commissioning of the MAXlab Synchrotron Radiation Facilities. His intense activities in different worldwide machines and in education have had an extremely important impact on numerous existing synchrotron sources. His contributions to finding innovative design and technological solutions have opened the way for the future generation of “ultimate storage rings” and diffraction limited radiation sources.

Agostino Marinelli, Mikael Eriksson and Tsumoru Shintake
Agostino Marinelli, Mikael Eriksson and Tsumoru Shintake

The Gersch Budker Prize, for “a recent significant, original contribution to the accelerator field, with no age limit,” will be awarded to Professor Tsumoru Shintake, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Okinawa, Japan, for leading the design, construction, commissioning and operation of the SACLA X-Ray Free Electron Laser. Dr Shintake contributed to all aspects of the project, including the electron source, the C-Band linac and the undulator magnets. The first lasing of the FEL in June 2011 was a crowning achievement made possible by numerous technological developments. Dr Shintake’s daring and visionary approach to physics matches well the style of the physicist whose name this prize bears.

The Frank Sacherer Prize, for “an individual in the early part of his or her career, having made a recent significant, original contribution to the accelerator field,” will be awarded to Dr Agostino Marinelli, SLAC, USA, for recent important, original contributions to accelerator physics, especially to the development of techniques that significantly improve parameters of free electron lasers such as their spectrum and longitudinal coherence. Dr Marinelli’s achievements include in particular the theoretical analysis and experimental demonstration of the gain modulated FEL, a novel concept to generate two or more colors from one electron bunch – a technique that enables a new class of FEL experiments.

The prizes will be awarded during the 5th conference in the IPAC series, which will be held in Dresden, Germany, from 15 to 20 June 2014. More than 1800 abstracts were submitted in response to the call for papers last December, announcing the continuing success of this event.

During the conference, the Prize Committee will decide the winner of a prize for a student registered for a PhD or diploma in accelerator physics or engineering or to a trainee accelerator physicist or engineer in the educational phase of their professional career, for the quality of work and promise for the future. The Scientific Programme Committee will award two further prizes to two students whose work, presented in the special student poster session, is particularly meritorious.

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