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The International Year of Light 2015 [IYL 2015] will foster the creativity all over the world. The students from the media field of the University of Offenburg, Germany, did not wait until 2015 to bring their skills and innovative ideas to promote light. Under the guidance of their professor Dan Curticapean, they designed dozens of posters for IYL 2015.

From 2013 encouragements to participate and engage activities for the IYL 2015 are multiplying. The initiative from the University of Offenburg, lead by D. Curticapean is one of the first success stories of IYL 2015.

Posters by Phillip Hastigsputh
Posters by Phillip Hastigsputh

By implementing the theme of light in an academic exercise, D. Curticapean triggered a series of effective results. The posters were printed and a dedicated website was set up. Exhibitions were organized all over the world during several scientific events: CLEO conference in Munich, Germany, but also in the United-States.

On 14 February 2014, the University of Offenburg opened its doors to the public to show the best products of its students, including the IYL 2015 posters. A series of posters designed by Phillip Hastigsputh is actually representing photonics schemes in comparison to a football stadium. For sure, this will foster the curiosity beyond the scientific community.

All the posters are available on the Magic of Light website.

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