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Most recent highlights from EPN…
- ‘In free fall’ by Herman C.W. Beijerinck
- 100 years of semiconductor science – The Ukrainian contribution by V.G. Lytovchenko and M.V. Strikha
- Confined to grow? – Publication dynamics and the proliferation of scientific journals by Istvan Daruka
- The atmospheres of extrasolar planets by Thérèse Encrenaz
- Chernobyl’s Legacy: Black Prophecies’ Bubble by Yehoshua Socol
- Physics and theology by John Polkinghorne

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Executive and Staff Activity for January 2014

  • 13 January: J. Dudley, EPS President visited ICFO in Barcelona, Spain, to present physics careers with students and early-career researchers, and to discuss IYL 2015
  • 20 January: J. Dudley, EPS President represented the EPS at opening ceremony of IYCr 2014 in Paris, France
  • 29 January: J. Dudley, EPS President participated in Town Hall Meeting in London, United Kingdom on IYL 2015
  • 30 January: The Executive Committee met in London, United Kingdom, and J. Dudley, EPS President held a presentation to IOP...