Executive and Staff Activity for January 2014

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  • 13 January: J. Dudley, EPS President visited ICFO in Barcelona, Spain, to present physics careers with students and early-career researchers, and to discuss IYL 2015
  • 20 January: J. Dudley, EPS President represented the EPS at opening ceremony of IYCr 2014 in Paris, France
  • 29 January: J. Dudley, EPS President participated in Town Hall Meeting in London, United Kingdom on IYL 2015
  • 30 January: The Executive Committee met in London, United Kingdom, and J. Dudley, EPS President held a presentation to IOP
  • 31 January: J. Dudley, EPS President, M. Knoop and E. de Wolf, Executive Committee members, and D.Lee, EPS Secretary General attended the inauguration ceremony of NPL as a EPS Historic Site in Teddington, United Kingdom

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