On the 2014 to-do list: join the EPS

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Since 1968, the European Physical Society [EPS] has provided a forum for physicists from around Europe to meet and develop activities. Ranging from community building to promoting scientific excellence, from sponsoring the next generation of leaders in physics to policy input, the EPS welcomes all interested and motivated physicists to become members.

Join the EPS!

As an Individual Member, you have the following privileges:

  • the right to vote at General Meetings
  • the right to elect Individual Member Council Delegates
  • the right to hold office in the Executive Committee
  • the right to hold office in Divisions and Groups
  • Europhysics News sent directly to your address
  • reduced registration fees at conferences organised by the EPS and its Divisions and Groups
  • Travel Grants for Europhysics Conferences
  • Access to “my eps” for privileged information about the EPS and its actvities
  • benefit from agreements with Collaborating Societies
  • inclusion in our directory
  • benefits for access to EPS publications

For more information, please see the EPS website.

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