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The International Conference of Physics Students [ICPS] is a conference organised by physics students for physics students. This annual conference, started in 1986, is the main event of the International Association of Physics Students [IAPS].

ICPS brings together around 450 young researchers from all over the world for a week of learning and exchange. They discuss scientific topics and share information on studying and living in different countries. For many participants it is the first opportunity to present their research to an international audience. As a conference mainly intended for bachelor and master students in physics, the ICPS provides the participants with an experience which helps them grow as independent scientists.

ICPS 2014 logo
ICPS 2014 logo

In 2014 the ICPS will be held in Heidelberg, in the south-west of Germany from 10-17 August 2014 and is co-organised with members of the Young German Physical Society [jDPG]. It features invited lectures by top-class researchers, presentations and posters by students as well as exciting workshops, lab tours and a physics show at Heidelberg University. With the old, medieval city centre, its historic castle and the old bridge, Heidelberg is a perfect place for the conference. Heidelberg is also very famous for its philosophers and physicists.

A one-day trip to the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology [KIT] is included in the program and the participants will be able to visit many exciting experiments. Additional excursions to research facilities and world leading companies as Bosch or TRUMPF will give an insight into some of Germany’s state of the art research.

Furthermore, the conference is host to the Annual General Meeting of IAPS, where delegates of national and local physics student associations from all over the world come together and discuss the future of IAPS, elect the executive committee and decide on the venue of the forthcoming ICPS.

Thanks to several supporters the participation fee for the conference amounts to €185, including all meals and accommodation.

The ICPS is a great opportunity to meet students from other countries and it should be recommended to all young researchers, who are eager to scientifically interact, irrespectively of linguistic, cultural or other differences!

The online registration for the ICPS will open on 1 February 2014. Non-European participants can apply for the ICPS Worldwide Grant of IAPS until 1 March 2014 and receive financial support for their participation in the conference.

More information on the ICPS 2014 website.

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